Past Performances

Improper Opera
Saturday, November 20th, 2010

featuring… • Vocalists: Laurie Amat, Mark Briggs, Bob Marsh, Amy X Neuburg, Randall Wong, Pamela Z • Percussionists: Joel Davel, Shawn King • Stringists: Doug Carroll, Sebastian Krawczuk, Hillary Overberg, Erik Pearson • Electronicist: Bruce Bennett • Visualists: Dale MacDonald, Andrew Bennett • Narratorist: Herb Heinz

The Rogers of Kenny and RH
Saturday, August 21st, 2010

featuring… Alan Anzalone: Saxophone • Tom Dimuzio: Electronics • Jordan Glenn: Percussion • PC Munoz: Percussion • Ron Heglin: Trombone • Herb Heinz: Dancer/Banter • Jason Hoopes: Contrabass: Aurora Josephson: Voice • Peiling Kao: Dancer • Dohee Lee: Dancer/Singer • Ava Mendoza: Guitar • Julia Miller: Guitar • Hillary Overberg: Violin • Jon Raskin: Saxophone • Gino Robair: Percussion • Moe! Staiano: Currator • Alexander Vogel: Saxophone • Andrew Way: Electronics

I Walk Down the Street
Saturday, July 17th, 2010

featuring… Mark Briggs: ranting singer • Jesus Contreras: contrary guitarster • Silvia Matheus: electrifying synthesizter • Herb Heinz: ceremonial meister • Gino Robair: suitcase contents • Ann O’Rourke: hitting drumster • Jack Curtis Dubowsky: bassster • Andrew Juris: projecting picturer • Andrew Bennett: lighting dude • Amy X Neuburg: singing movester • Claire Peaslee: action theaster • Moe! Staiano: nothing

This Date Means Something
Saturday, June 19th, 2010

featuring… Amanda Moody: voice • Amy X Neuburg: voice • Andrew Bennett: lights • Carly Boland: dance • Caroline Adams: dance • Claudine Naganuma: dance • Craig Latta: bass • Dale MacDonald: projections • Doug Carroll: cello • Herb Heinz: emcee, dance • Laurie Amat: voice • Mark Briggs: curator, voice, guitar • Moe! Staiano: drums • Sam Sheets: bass • Tom Nunn: mystery thingy

This Here Show #12This Here Show #12 – Alright Already
Saturday, April 17th, 2010

featuring… Andrew Juris: twitchy pictures • Ann O’Rourke: apoplectic pit-a-pat • Christina Braun: knocked-up sock-hop • Craig Latta: subtle plucking • Emergency String Sextet Angela Hsu, Bob Marsh, Doug Carroll, Jonathan Segel, Kanoko Nishi & Tony Dryer]: high-strung strings • Guillermo Galindo: unpreposterous person; Herb Heinz: uberdenker • Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney: multiple implements • Melissa Rae: ruptured chirrups • Mysterium [Keith Boudreau, Erica Legum]: magical deliciousness • Shawn King: bashed gadgets

This Here Show #11 – A meticulously impromptu spectacle of spring.
Saturday, March 20th, 2010

featuring… Vocalizations by Amy X Neuburg, Melissa Rae, Pamela Z • Stringing by Mark Briggs, Doug Carroll, Thea Farhadian, Craig Latta • Percussionification by Moe! Staiano • Impressariority by Herb Heinz • Danceliness by Claudine Naganuma & dNaga [Carly Boland, Lihong Chan, Telemachus Clay, Tim Gordon, Andrew Hansen, Scott Holloway, Chaityn Isaacson-Brewster, Catalina Jackson Urueña, Lucie Jerome, Livvy Keller, Erin Landers, Julia Milani, Allison Naganuma, Jenifer Peale] • Visualism by Tim Thompson


This Here Show #10 – Start Again
Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Amy X Neuburg • Andrew Juris • Craig Latta • Eliot Miranda • Herb Heinz • James Dress • Mark Briggs • Moe! Staiano • Owen Walker • Richard Smith • Rosemary Hannon • Shawn King • Thea Farhadian • Tim Thompson • Vitali Kononov

This Here Show #9 – This Space Available
Saturday, November 19th, 2009

electrovocalist Amy X Neuburg • bonetalker Chris Kammler • airsynthesist Craig Latta • guitarist Dean Santomeiri • cellist Doug Carroll • guitarist Erik Pearson • ringleader Herb Heinz • vocalist Mark Briggs • dancer Mary Armentrout • bassistandairsynthesist Micah Ball • percussionist Shawn King • projectionist Tim Thompson.


show8This Here Show #8 – Tasting Menu
Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Multimedia Meatloaf: Andrew Juris, Craig Latta, Erin Landers, Erik Pearson • Action Theater a la Mode: Catherine Debon, Andy Strain • Catch of the Day: Damon Smith • Voice und Guitar mit Schlag: Mark Briggs • Smoked Vocal with Peppered Piano: Melissa Rae, Sam Rudin • Batterie and Taut Spaghetti over Frets: Skooter Fein, Eliot Miranda • Maître d’: Herb Heinz.


show7This Here Show #7 – Gently Plugged
Saturday, September 19th, 2009

alto singer Amanda Moody • projection artist Andrew Juris • butoh dancer Christina Braun • guitar player Craig Latta • cello player Doug Carroll • guitar player Eliot Miranda • soprano singer Emily Bezar • misconductor Herb Heinz • tenor singer Mark Briggs • skratchbox inventor Tom Nunn.


show6This Here Show #6 – Unplugged
Saturday, July 18, 2009

attenuated actor Cathleen Daly • muffled malleteer Joel Davel • non-judge mentalist Herb Heinz • de-cranked guitarist Craig Latta • decoupled speaker Caila Lipovsky • mutable minstrel Eliot Miranda • hushed chanteuse Amanda Moody • disconnected diva Amy X Neuburg • This Here Unplugged Band: Mark Briggs, Herb Heinz, Shawn King, Craig Latta, Melissa Rae, Richard Smith.



This Here Show #5
Friday, May 8, 2009

cherubic cellist Bob Marsh • dynamic dancer Carly Boland • individual visualist Dale MacDonald • visionary vocalist Laurie Amat • drum-machine juggler Matt Davignon • discreet diva Melissa Rae • badass bassist Sebastian Krawczuk • video artiste Tim Thompson • mc Mark Briggs • This Here Band: Craig Latta, Hakan Guven, Herb Heinz, James Dress, Richard Smith, Shawn King.


show4This Here Show #4
Friday, April 10th, 2009

bassist Damon Smith • dancer Micaela Gardner • drummer Moe! Staiano • mc Herb Heinz • theatress Catherine Debon • improvisers from danceNAGANUMA: Carly Boland, Catalina Jackson Urueña, Chaityn Isaacson-Brewster, Olivia Keller, Julia Milani; directed by Claudine Naganuma • improvisers from PD Active: Telemechus Clay, Tim Gordon, Kali Grosberg, Steve Graham, Scott Holloway, Jenifer Peale, Toby Simon • This Here Band: Mark Briggs, Shawn King, Craig Latta, Melissa Rae, Sam Sheats, Richard Smith.


show3This Here Show #3
Friday, March 13th, 2009
butoh dancer Christina Braun • scordatura violinist Thea Farhadia • artful spectator Kali Grosberg • resolute unraveler Herb Heinz • mercurial impersonator Bob Marsh • guitar man Lucio Menegon • ostentatious songstress Amanda Moody • anti-drummer Gino Robair • video artist Tim Thompson • This Here Band: Mark Briggs, James Dress, Hakan Guven, Shawn King, Craig Latta, and Richard Smith.


show2This Here Show #2
Friday, February 13th, 2009

performance artist gal*in_dog (aka Guillermo Galindo) • scratchy tapsong hoofer Bob Marsh • dancer Claudine Naganuma, joined by distinguished gentleman Jonathan Buchanan and dancer Catalina Jackson Urueña •  singing electronic gadgetress Amy X Neuburg • video artist Tim Thompson • This Here Band: Mark Briggs, Hakan Guven, Herb Heinz, Shawn King, Craig Latta, Melissa Rae, and Richard Smith.



This Here Show #1
Friday, January 13th, 2009

vocalist Laurie Amat • dancer Micaela Gardner • dancer Claudine Naganuma • sound artist Gregory Scharpen • video artist Tim Thompson • This Here Band: Mark Briggs, Hakkan Guven, Herb Heinz, Shawn King, Craig Latta, Bill Leikam, David Leikam, Melissa Rae, and Richard Smith.

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