This Here Show is a provocative, spontaneous, utterly unrepeatable variety performance. Each This Here Show features a diverse cast of weird and wildly talented performers — musicians, dancers, theater artists, and visual artists — collaborating in various configurations to create short (max 10 minutes), spontaneous pieces that explore the edges of our comfort zones in a playful way. Typically, the show ends with a final jam in which everyone, including the audience, is invited to play together.

If you are an artist/performer and you wish to be part of a future show, please email or post a brief proposal/description of what you want to — contact info is on the Contact page. You can be specific about details like ensemble size, or you can allow the curator to make suggestions. Please be sure to indicate particular show date(s) for which you are available.

This Here Show occurs every once in awhile, at the Temescal Arts Center in Oakland.

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